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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beer ad irks MIC Youth

MIC Youth, Culture and Religion Bureau chief K. Sathasivam (left) and MIC Youth secretary C. Shivarraj showing the controversial advertisement.
NST, October 18 2008
KUALA LUMPUR: MIC Youth demands an apology from Indian daily Malaysia Nanban and a beer company for an insensitive Deepavali advertisement that appeared in the newspaper yesterday.
They also lodged a police report against the newspaper and the Skol beer company claiming it was insulting to the Indian community.Its secretary, C. Shivarraj, said the advertisement by Skol printed on page 5 could lead to misperception on the Indian community as well as convey a wrong message to Indian youth."They are insulting the Hindus' Rangoli kolam by putting the beer bottles in the middle and stating that the Deepavali celebration will be more enjoyable with Skol beer," said Shivarraj at the Sentul police station here yesterday.He said members of the public who saw the advertisement might get the wrong idea that Indians were fond of drinking.Shivarraj added that Indian youth might also get the wrong idea that it was a norm to get drunk when they were adults."This misperception and wrong message of the Indian community must stop," said Shivarraj. He called for an apology from the newspaper and the beer company before Deepavali on Oct 27.The report was lodged by MIC Youth, Culture and Religion Bureau chief, K. Sathasivam, who was accompanied by Shivarraj.



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karepu said...

Macha, why want to boycott Nanban for doing their business work? They have to survive and one of the way was advertisement. Come to reality lah, dont act like PAS religious bigots. Either advertised or not, definitely you guys are going to consume the alcoholic drink for Deepavali [well I agree there are still good mic boys who dont consume alcohols]so what is a big deal there?

Utusan is doing ethnic bashing but you guys have no power to protest or call for boycott.... think about it.

Wish you all Happy Deepavali.

Vesu said...

excellent move...this has been going on for years..malaysian hindus must wake up and stand against all these negative elements during deepavali. the people must be guided not to consume beer liquer during holy festivals... Malay Hindu Sangam and our temples must start a campaign to erradicate alcoholism.