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Sunday, November 2, 2008


MIC Youth today asked the government to allocate at least 10 per cent of local council contract jobs such as maintenance and landscaping to Indian contractors.
MIC Youth chief T. Mohan also said the wing proposed that the government create another class of contractors, similar to the Class F contractor for Bumiputeras, for the Indian community.
MIC Youth would write to the government on the matter next week, he told reporters after a meeting of the MIC Youth supreme council at the party headquarters here.
Mohan said these measures, when implemented, would help raise the living standard and equity ownership of the Indian community.
"These measures will help raise the income of the Indians and increase the purchasing power of the community," he said.
Mohan also said MIC Youth supported the statement by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that he was working towards the gradual liberalisation of the New Economic Policy, which was replaced by the National Development Policy in 1991.


raveendran nair said...

Vanakam...... guys can we wipe out 10% mentality? Why put the numbers for our capability? Instead asking for %, we shall ask for the implementation of transparency on procurement procedures based on meritocracy and competativeness.

By now economy bureau shall have compiled the business strategy and have various dialogue session to look "niche discipline" and where government shall emphasize to create more entrepreneurship.

Begging for 10% shows, youth are still struggling in dark world. May be March 8, is not good enough to teach a lesson.

kesavan said...

Raveendran,i agree with you.Why put a ceiling of 10%.Anyway i salute the MIC Youth Coordinator for at least voicing out the request.But why now and why only local council contracts,lets asked for ministry projects which they failed to asked when Samy Vellu was heading a contract-full ministry,what happen to all the road maintanance contracts?Any indian youth got it?What is the percentage?The MIC investment armed MAIKA should also be questioned by the MIC Youth.Don't just put request and pressure on the goverment but keep your own house in order as well.