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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jasin Division MIC Youth - Buletin Vallavan

Jasin Division MIC Youth published their own buletin which is known as Buletin VaLLaVan. The launching ceremony officiated by YB Datuk Dr.S.Subramaniam, Minister of Human Resource at Hotel Sri Impian.
Buletin VaLLaVan has informations about education, social & welfare. Also activities & programs tht has been carried out by the youth movement for past years.
It is a free edition, for internal circulation only.
Youth Leader
Jasin Division



I think this is a very good step. and all MIC youth division should come up with something like this.

Its a good way for everybody to know what they really have been doing all this while. And to check if they really DID ANYTHING or not.

May be this be a step to wake those who have been SLEEPING. I mean it in a good way brothers.

P.K.Sathiyamoorthi said...

Thanks Bro.


Vanakkam mr sathiyamoorthi,

sir, is it possible if make this 'vallavan' available online?

It will reach more people and i am sure will be usefull for many. And also proof that MIC have been always working hard for the indian community all along....


Punithan Shan.

S.Murugesan said...

Well done Mr Sathiya and the Jasin MIC Youths. Keep up the good work guys.

Murugesan Sinnandavar

p.k.sathiyamoorthi said...

Thanks Muru.
Punithan : Since it is for internal circulation, i dont knw whether i have the rights to publish in internet.