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Monday, May 5, 2008

Reform otherwise become as irrelevant‏ - by Raveendran

Finally, i believe, MIC has come to the reality world. MIC lost the "ground touch" and this is the reality that party leadership failed to understand and accept it as a new wave of changes. 25 Nov 2007, is just an official date for the mutiny from Indians against the outdated system. Indians was moving out of the MIC folder much earlier than that because they want more vibrant party run by the daring leaders and not a singular leadership strategy with autocratic system.

The world has changed, the people have changed but then the party has failed to change due to the singular leadership strategy. With the present situation, if MIC does hundreds of counseling or group activities it's not going to bring back the glory day of MIC. The day has gone and we need the major reform in-order to regain back the lost ground. But does the present leadership dare to take the challenge and reform the party to face the future? I leave it the members to answer it.

Take a minute to think, if the senior citizens dare to vote against the MIC@BN candidate in last general election then how about the younger generations? If MIC fails to reform to get their support then forget about the future, we will not be able to remain as relevant as those days and will never get their support. I believe, if the leadership dares to take the challenge and reform the party then we might gain back the lost ground in next 10 to 15 years. So let’s start the vibration to reform the party. Either reform or become as irrelevant.


thaya said...

Dear Raveendran,

Your views are the sentiments of the general public who are ignorant and indolent of the public touch base and in depth role play of MIC

This party who has been around for 50 years cannot suddenly come irrelevant,just as how a father in the house how ever old can neither become irrelevant.

When the indians want loan they go to mied,university seats -education bureau,social problems.operation funds - Youth social bureau etc etc the first punching bag is always MIc

Similarly crticisms are also levelled at MIC . Whose fault is this ,the UMNO led govt who failed to elevate /provide for the indians.

Next why should indians be reliant on the govt look at the sri lankan tamils in England or chinese in Australia they are all self sustained and economically strong out of their own work and effort.

The Indians in this country have a general trend to pinpoint to the govt and MIC for their failures lackadiscal attitudes.

Lets take a look at gangsterism among indian youths,has the govt or MIC neglected them,they choose this lifestyle due to lucrative and easy though dangerous lifestyle.

I agee the MIC leaders may not be the cream of the indians in this country but neither are those in the opposition who are very quiet on the indian plight after their victory except for a handful

What can Makkal sakti or hindraf obtain extraordinary or better from the Pakatan govt who runs on the same concept.Two months has passed no great deals for Indians in the opposition led states.

Don;t be clouded by sentiments and propaganda by a few irresponsible indians who in their personal lives are failures.It is your duty to promote and get MIC to play a more relevant and active role


k.raveendran nair said...

Vanakam Mr. Thaya. My thoughts were not based on sentiments but the reality. Definitely PR propaganda is not going to cloud me but if you deny the reality, then the loser is the party.

You said the "party has been around for past 50 years and cannot suddenly be irrelevant", yes agreed. In my article, I said, Indians has moved out of the MIC folder even before 25 Nov and the day was just an official mutiny date. The history has clearly said, any political party who failed to reform their system accordingly then the possibility to pack and go is very high. Take, India National Congress Party as an example, they lost the game after 50 years but then regain back because they change. They go back to the root of the community and they win against the BJP although BJP was more progressive.

Yes the first punching bag is MIC because MIC always says, "only MIC can help Indian community" so mic has to be the first receiver too when fail to deliver. Mr.Thaya, you too pin-point to other parties, when you say UMNO is the cause for the worst performance. But then MIC is the close associate of the party, so why want to finger point to umno only? Can’t you see, MIC also has a portion to share on the cause for bad performance?

I'm queries, what happen to our entire student's who graduated with MIC financial aid? Who are they and why they didn’t re-pay back their loans? Why no actions taken? Is it true, the poor Indians received the loan from MIED or only those who are close associates of top leadership who benefited, need original statistic with details not rhetoric?

Definitely I agree, why should we depend on government but then I don't agree if you compare Malaysian Indians with Chinese in Australia and Tamils in England. The system in both countries, structured to help the citizens irrespective of race or religion but do we really have that type of system in this country?

I don’t want to comment about the gangsters but since you mention, then I have to put my opinion on it. Tell me honestly, who give the recognition to gangsters? Don’t you believe using gangster’s to run the national convention is a direct recognition for them? Don’t you think using gangsters to create fears among delegates is wrong? Don’t you think to use gangsters to control the share holders from posting a question is inhumane? But this had happened in our MIC. Even policeman do not dare to say anything. So who give a room for these gangsters? They are protected, well paid. When they fail to get a job and when their stomach sends a signal to brain to feed the food what they will do and where they will go? Look for the illegal employers who turn them to be a modern rowdy and to be a modern rowdy they don’t need the paper qualification, daring is the only qualification and our Indian boys are well qualified on that, unfortunately a small portion of our boys are using it in wrong field. Majority of our boys are still behaving positively and gangsterism is out of their biography. Give them opportunity, teach them how to fish and I believe they can be a vibrant Indians.

Mr.Thaya said, “MIC leaders may not be the cream of the indians of this country,” I agreed too, most of them are not and they are there on mercy of Mr.President. How are we going to solve it? If you are sure, our cream’s is out of the party then we have to fish them. Why can’t we fish our excellent brains (Indians) to be part of the MIC? This is my point which I want to stress and I believe I stressed in my previous article. We have our professionals but then why they are distancing their self from party even though they might be one of the financial aid receivers from MIC? We have doctors, lawyers, engineers but are they contributing back to party? Why they are not? Most of them either contributes through NGO’s, other political party or just take care of their own backyard. They believe, there is no room for them to contribute in party because the system is not as democratic as the leaders preaches. How to make them to come in if we don’t reform the party? The party system must be attractive for them otherwise they will dumb it.

I believe, the phrase “Makkal Sakti” is not belongs to any single parties. Makkal Sakti means “People’s Power” and no one can claim it’s belong to them. Leadership fail to honour the people’s power and take for granted but then PR used it for the political struggle. Yes two months has passed but be realistic, MIC in BN for past 50 years yet we still need to beg Pahang MB for the EXCO post, we still need to beg the same government which MIC is part of it to increase the equity and out of it 3% allocated on paper without implementation, from 2010 defer to 2020 to achieve 3%. Even after Mr.President beg the state MB not to demolish the temple, he shoo him away without considering MIC was part of the coalition for past 50 years. In other state, we got EXCO but most of the time the same position, agriculture, housing, estate yet end of the days nothing can be done. PR in two months time has given Deputy Chief Minister and Speaker which never cross the laymen Indians mind before. They promise better Malaysia for all Malaysia. If they deliver then we can “gulung tikar”.

This is the reality we need to face. Either we reform or we will be irrelevant. MIC was the umbrella for Indians but then it was once upon time. We should not take for granted for our past achievements. We need to wake up from our dreams and look what we can do for tomorrow. We need to re-strategies the party’s struggles. We need to put a long term strategy plan to bring back the glory day of MIC. We need the reformation to gain back the support of Indian community. We need to change the way we work. We need to change the systems which block the professionals from being part of the party. You only can do it if we reform. We have one option that is DO or DIE, reform or became as irrelevant.

thaya said...

Dear Raveendran,

I am agreement with some of your points

I shall reply on what i don;t agee
Nov 25 is the offical mutiny date for indians to be out M i c fold its the day indians in malaysia used this platform out of M I C to voice their discontent against the govt not neccesarily losing their faith in M I C.Its a hidden secret in the underground who are the people who sent the crowd.

The Indian congress is not a multiracail based coalition .I will still blame UMNO as one rotten apple will spoil the dozen.The anger of the indians is not with MIC but UMNO's arrogance

I have answered you before on the Pahang MB"S position and his personal arrogance.

We can have all the designations but what is their actual power and role. yet to be proven.We will see who "gulung tikar".What have all the PR Deputy Mb's and exco done or plan for indians ? not disclosed.One exco is the custodian of all the Hindraf funds unaccounted,one is looking at aedes and malaria and one indian pr mp says he is a wakil not only for indians.

Now the system in any country will favour the natives but the degree is what is relevant.Note some of the tamils in U.K are not even citizens

The cream can only be fished,i agree, i guess internal changes we have to make but personally i don't think anybody can beat the president and his team in terms of service.

The logo of makkal sakti is only used by one party.

We need to make ourselves relevant to the party by contibuting more constructively.I agree we need to change the mindset of indians to be more grateful and be more responsible in their comparison

I end by saying and old wooden house with concrete piling is any time better off and safer than an exclusive condo on a hillslope



Vanakkam sir,

I am seeking your help on something that i am very confused about. Regarding to the post in pemudamic blogspot. written by mr raveendran. Yes i agree to the need of 're branding' MIC. But reform?? are we become that irrelevant? yes we need to change. But do we need to change 'everything' in MIC.

I think the indians in malaysia had heard enough all the or shall i say "ONLY" the negative things about MIC for past 6 months. We have been accused that MIC has been done NOTHING for the indians for the past 62 years!

MIC had failed to counter back the accusation and because of that we got defeated greatly in GE12. Just because the indians have be clouded by sentiments and propaganda by a few irresponsible indians.

Now we have to fight back all the fake accusation that thrown towards MIC. We must proof that MIC always been there for the indians despite the great challenge they face in UMNO govn.

So its my humble request that such post are very irrelevant to be posted in pemuda mic blogspot. It will cause greater damage for MIC. I am sorry if i be rude or anything. But i am seeking your kind advice about this matter sir. Please forgive me if i sound rude.

k.raveendran nair said...

Vanakam. Each of my points either yours is arguable but since you guys has taken it from negative perspective then I think it will make you more confuse if I continue to put my thoughts on this title. Anyway I will put it on a short answer: Rebranding and Reform; what is the differences? I didnt post this article to the blog but I replied since Mr.Thaya has put a comment. Hindraf Account....then Hindraf man will ask, how about RM100 million cash? May be I'm not relevant to party since I dont simply say "YES BOSS" if I know, what I preach is good for the party and community.

Blog means it's open for the discussion and argument. For those who refuse to accept the reality then no point to run the blogs since Mr.Punithan expect only the good things to be posted. Even the meaning of good things is arguable. Good from your perspective not necessary good for others. Others also will have different opinion. The rule of blog, keep our mind open and respect individual stand either right or wrong.

I dont expect you guys to take my thoughts boldly but think about it. This is what I call as a new wave of changes. Think out of the box, don't be to defensive, come to the reality, reform otherwise become as irrelevant.

thaya said...

Dear Raveendran

Your are free to canvass your views i believe in freedom of speech.However some cannot see MIC and their leaders being critisized.

I am no yes man ,that is why i don;t hold high post in the party.Those who question 100 million should practice what the preach.

In reality yes we need to reform but are we and has MIC been irrelevant to the community?

I do not intend to dwell further in comments you are entitled to your view.

Thamizhan said...

Ravi, dont waste time with these guys. You can awaken a guy who is sleeping, but not one who is pretending to sleep.

Thaya, if you think UMNO is rotten, GET OUT of BN. Put your tough words to action. MIC may then get back its dignity. Otherwise, all these talk of reform and change is pure humbug.
As of now, general Indian population is Malaysia is as much against MIC as they are against UMNO. Face the truth!

First of all sack Samy Vellu if you dare. 20+ years in power with nothing to show. Shameful.

And tell us about Maika shares. We have not forgotten.

karepu said...

Betul Ravi ikut nasihat Tamizhan. Jangan buat masa kat sini. Pandangan you betul, ada point tapi dia orang ini tahu bodek saja. Tak nak pikir out of box. Lagi better you join kumpulan DAP/Keadilan. Mesti mereka tahu hargai pandangan kamu. Mana tahu satu hari you jadi penyelidik DAP/Keadilan atau YB DAP/Keadilan. Aku pun tak paham, kenapa otak depa ini malap sangat. Dengar nasihat saya, jangan buang masa.

thaya said...

Anyway gentlemen,
don't waste your time ,i and those who believe in me would continue with m i c though irrelevant,and continue to pretend to sleep.

Its better then sleeping all the way and dreaming the opposition will safe the indians.

All the best continue dreaming,we will comment further when you all face reality