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Monday, September 8, 2008

400 Indian Youths Joining MIC in Sepang

Source : The Star
PETALING JAYA: The MIC’s rebranding exercise has encouraged more Indians to join the party, with more than 400 youths joining the Sepang division in Selangor, division chief Datuk C. Krishnan said.
He said the division, the first in Selangor to recruit members in large numbers, hoped to attract more new members in the future.
“They (the new members) are confident that the MIC will be able to represent their needs,” he told reporters here yesterday.
MIC vice-president Datuk S. Sothinathan and Youth coordinator T. Mohan were also present.
Krishnan said the move by the party headquarters to separate the Youth wing from the MIC branches had generated keen interest from youths to join the party.
He was confident that more Indian women would join the MIC following a proposal by party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu to detach the Wanita movement from all MIC branches so that they could function as a separate entity.
The MIC now has more than 630,000 members with 3,700 branches throughout the country. Samy Vellu is also on a mission to regain the trust of the Indian community. Mohan said the wing had already submitted a list to the headquarters to form 287 branches.
“We hope to form about 750 branches by year’s end,” he said.


TheFireWithin said...

Can we please not have clippings from newspapers in the blog. Please guys at least one of you must take charge and put forth views of the Youth wing. We all can buy papers, for god's sake! As for the article, now 400 joined MIC claims Krishnan but he did not say how many had left. If 2,000 leave and 400 join, then you still have 1,600 gone. Thats simple math! Please brothers, you and I know that this party will only survive if the great Uncle leaves. As long as he does not vacate his post, then no matter what you guys do, the community will not return. I am really sad saying this, but I feel I have to. Its the truth. Indians are fed-up. Especially with this outdated style of politics. The country and the world is moving at such a fast pace but we are faced with someone who practices politics of the 70s and 80s. He should leave and that the bottom line. Cheers.

magensiren said...

Bro please dont just support becouse u are given the position, dear my mic youth brothers please realise now or it will be to late for us to safe the Party.President must leave at this moment but he is telling the whole world he is going to contest another term for party President, ha ha, Please wake up my dear brother's and tell the true to our President abaut the realyty, take care. please dont just come up with this joke again and saying 50,000 youths ready to join MIC. we know the realyty and dont make fool of our self.take care brothers, bye

Vijayanathan Penang said...

i agree 100 percent with what our brother magensiren said, Pls tell the party senior to leave if they realy love the party and want to safe the party, i am one of the youth been offered to form mic youth branch , i like to tell the true many youths not interested as long as Datuk Seri Samy Vellu still holding president post but i tried my best to convince then at last they agree to become member just for tahe name shake becouse they dont want to hurt my feelings,but they told me they are interested to atend any program. few of my friends who is forming new branch also said the same thing but also said what diffrent its going to be. This kind of situation made me to ask myself, is this kind of empty MIC branch we looking for ? ask ur self and u will get the answer my dear brothers, take care and good nite !

sincerely from Vijayanathan,Penang