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Monday, April 28, 2008

Dato Seri"s Comment‏s - By Thayakugan

Dato Seri is voicing out the sentiments and displeasure by the indian community,which is time the Barisan government considers and take action

As per Tan Sri Muhammad Taib comment in NST 75% of the Indians voted against the Government .Why is this the case ?

To rectify /correct the situation there is nothing wrong for the party President to give a ultimate term to the government that there have to consider the indian plight serioiusly

For more than 50 YEARS we have got a raw deal in benefits and privileges be at education,economy or social welfare.
What is so wrong for the party President being the sole BN indian representative in voicing out his opinion.

Going elsewhere for help shouldn't be construed as a threat but merely an alert/warning that the confidence of indians in Malaysia on the BN govt has eroded .

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Remo said...

i agree on wht u said...

**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...


I would praise DS Samy Vellu for being bold and clear of his intentions now. His warning to government on seeking elsewhere help shows his intention on helping indians are clear.

I just hope DS Dato Seri would continue the struggle, walk the talk and struggle for the demands of indian community. It's time for MIC to buckle up and strive to gain malaysian especially Indians votes rather than bickering within each other.

remo said...

fuhyooo wantedgal