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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Seperti sedia maklum, Pergerakan Pemuda MIC dan Putera MIC telah berganding bahu dalam menjayakan 'ANJAKAN PARADIGMA KEPIMPINAN PEMUDA MIC' pada 25 & 26 Julai 2008 di Cameron Highlands.
Data dan Modul Perbincangan adalah :
1) Pengrekrutan ahli baru (Isu, Cabaran,Penyelesaian)
2) Media Cetak dan Elektronik
3) Rangkaian Perniagaan

Gambar : Sesi Perbincangan Berkumpulan
Maklumat akan dikemaskini dari masa ke masa.


Faizal said...

semoga berjaaya


Looking forward on the outcome of this meeting.

Padmarajah said...

The workshop is good one

Hats off for the youth wing

Shashi Kannan said...

congrats ! Can we have the outcome of the meeting and the blueprint on how the youth wing would be solving the current turmoil surrounding our indian youths.

C.Sivaraj said...

Fantastic program. The new paradigm shift for the MIC youth. T.Mohan has given a opportunity to his youth leaders to express their views & suggestion. He has promised them that their views & suggestion will be taken into consideration in preparing the SOP(Standard Operating Procedures).YB Deva shared a lot of info with all the YOuth Leaders. This enable them to disminate the info to their youth members and strenthen the party.

We will form a powerful YOuth force in near future. We hope more INdian youth(Makkal Sakthi,Hindrad etc) come together and be part of this force to ensure the success of the INdian community in MALAYSIA.

Subash Chandrabose said...

yo! where's my photo? adui!

sri said...

how long has it been...wat's the outcome guy's...