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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Press irked by PKR security volunteers"

"Press irked by PKR security volunteers"
Headline in Malaysiakini. Shocked to read this. Those days PKR used to object to any behaviour like this. But now....... errr.......
'Wht goes around.. it comes around'

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It was a cranival or Rally???

We have witnessed BERSIH and HINDRAF rally. They were very focussed on what they were "asking" for. And i think GE-12 results proofed that.
But what the hell was wrong with the "anti-fuel price hike rally" (7 July 2008)?? It was more like a carnival. Are we Malaysians going to celebrate rally s like some kind of festival??
What a 'rock-concert" got anything to do with fuel hike?? Malaysiakini reported that
The press was irked by PKR security volunteers. What heppenned to the "press freedom" that they were so called fighting for? And the whole event din look "cheap". I wonder how they spend..
Remember that the whole world is watching us. What the RAKYAT got to say on this?

anti fuel price hike rally: A rally or carnival??