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Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Grand National Youth AGM 2008

We should proud to say this ' A Grand national Youth AGM 2008'. Since the years that we have been attending AGMs, for the first time in the no-election year, we are seeing such a big crowd which is not less than 1,000 (more than 90% were delegates). The crowd :-
1) After political tsunami
2) During internal conflict
3) Without Brigades
T.Mohan's speech was just nice, straight forward, tri-lingual. Getting applause... and getting applause...
Delegates were contributing a lot of positive ideas towards the development of the party especially the youth movement.
MIC Youth and Putera MIC will joint hand and work togather from now and onwards.
RM25,000 (approx) collected as a donation for the daughter of Mr.Latcha Prabhu(div.youth leader) of Kedah.
Resolutions were well delivered by S.Murugesan.
Meeting was chaired and controlled by S.Ramis.
Overall... the AGM was good.

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Congratulations to the new coordinators and all MIC youth members.

A good start for a re energized MIC youth.

P/s: A special thanks to for providing live updates on th AGM.