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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Outcome of National MIC Youth AGM

  • MIC Youth has set up a special bureau to recruit 50,000 new members
  • MIC Youth would organise youth carnivals to publicise the MIC's programmes
  • MIC Youth will give priority to tackling social ills like crime, drug abuse, domestic violence and gangsterism
  • MIC Youth will set up a task force to handle the problems of those not having birth certificates and identity cards, which is a major problem in the Indian community
  • Two full-time officers would be stationed at the MIC Youth office to provide support to the youth leaders in the country
  • Calling for the abolishment of interviews for the award of Public Services Department scholarships
  • Called on the Government to take concrete measures to set up a planning and implementation body in the Economic Planning Unit to ensure the 3% equity target for Indians is reached before 2020
  • Called for the setting up of a RM300mil youth entrepreneurs capital fund to assist Indians to participate in economic activities and approve a licence for the setting up of a bank for the community


Anonymous said...

Will you be making the minutes of AGM public, or at least post it here.

That will be transparency, since you're starting to be...why not do that, post the minutes of meeting here.

Maybe the readers here, can give some comments or ideas also.


micyouth said...

ANY political party / clubs / association having AGM for their delegates / observers (if allowed) ONLY. The minutes for the delegates. I beleive MCA, PKR, DAP, IPF doing the same thing.

Nothing wrong to talk about 'Transparency', but bfore that pls study abt the fundamental of running an AGM.

Anonymous said...

Quote :"Nothing wrong to talk about 'Transparency', but bfore that pls study abt the fundamental of running an AGM."

Thank you, you sure will fight for the plights of all the indians in malaysia. Let's us see where your fundamentals and expertise be in the near future.