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Thursday, July 3, 2008

'Re-Energised and Youthful'

I read a bernama news where Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu said...
' ....... the "re-energised and more youthful" wing of the MIC would chart a new strategy to woo more youngsters to join the party.
The term that has been used is certaintly defining the new management team. Whether wanna beleive or not, youth from divisional level and outsiders are welcoming the changes that had happened. Instead of looking at the perspective of loosing few experienced youth leaders, why not look at the new signs that we are getting from the grassroot level ? We must adopt to the re-branding exercise process. Remember that we are here for the party, and the party is for the community. We shall come to a stage and level of the mentality whereby an ordinary member of party should able to serve the community even not holding any higher position in the party. That is so called , social-entrepreneur.
I believe the new team is a vacsine for the illness of our movement. The team of :
T.Mohan, S.Murugesan, S.Ramis, Datuk Edmund Santhara (Masterskill), Datuk Shan (Shan & Co.), Ex-Council Members, Ex-Bureau Chairmans, new talented youth and professionals line up
are certaintly 'Re-Energised and More Youthful' and will bring a new era for the MIC Youth.

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