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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

National MIC Youth Office - Under Construction

As the youth members know, MIC Youth's Office is under construction. In the future it will have a great environment and pleasant looking. Thanks to Mr.T.Mohan for his iniatiave.


PadmaKing said...

The office will be very useful for the youth wing.

Let us work in a wonderful environment to serve the community better.

TheFireWithin said...

Well for one, I wish to congratulate the MIC Youth for starting to work on its image. Renovation the office could be a first good step. From what I hear, the office had been rarely used as formerly meetings used to be conducted in Klang. Start cracking guys and keep up your momentum. Hey, did any of you guys know that your former youth chief, who still wants to be known as YB (Yang Berkhidmat instead of Yang Berhormat) has had some meeting with the fellows from PKR. This is the talk. I would be getting some proof soon on this. But this is not the main event. THE MAIN EVENT IS, DATUK G.PALANIVEL, THE MIC DEPUTY PRESIDENT, WAS ALSO AT THE TALKS. IN FACT THIS MIC SO CALLED LEADER WAS LEADING A TEAM OF MIC OUTCASTS TO THE TALKS WITH ANWAR IBRAHIM. THANK GOD HE LOST AT HULU SELANGOR, KALAU TIDAK HILANG SATU MP INDIA. Brothers, this fact has been established and it is time for us in the MIC Youth to weed out crooked leaders like Palanivel and The Great Vigneswaran. Keep these two slimy guys out of the community as they do more harm to Indians than good. Keep up the good work guys!!

sri said...

guys...i am indian youth from far,i've not noticed any big or even tiny changes in MIC WITH THE CHANGE OF THE 'head' of the mic youth leader except for de headlines of corruption of de youth money.i dunno whether u guy's r in mic to simply make money or to really help other indians..but if u guy's r really wanted to do something to our community.U guys have to quit talking/posting rubbish news/blog in ur website n move on bro's.
i know i'm father isn't a 'old timer' or bussiness magnet or a wealthy 'urukaran' having a post in 'wat we call 'MALAYSIAN INDIAN CONGRESS'.Just an ordinary tamilennge on the street..
i tried to enter mic for a good couse but ended but going for machap by-election wit a group of thai-song's drunk 'parayen's' tat dont even no whr/wat 4 they r going....n ended up watching a 18sg scene of a 'future' mic leader 'opening' a sesat dap tamillengge head wit a malaysian flag.why r these kind of bastards in our mic which at least u guys r in and trying do 2 something good 2 our community(which i hope is true).my dear bro i'm not sending tis comment just to kutuk u guy's or wat..whatever it is...something has to be done..nothing will happen if everyone is looking after themselves here i a msg u guy's..without knowing if i'm wasting my time or wat...till then bye....

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