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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vulgar and Slanderous ......

This Scribe also hopes that this MIC slime ball going by the name of Punithan Shan (picture above left) gets exposed for the lies and spin which Malaysiakini seems to be giving him unfettered access. You can read his trash and spin here
Punithan is such a cheapskate that he adds MALAYSIAKINI on his subject title just to get his articles appear on Malaysiakini. What do you expect from a pariah MIC ass kisser? This guy is claiming in his Blog that the MIC has been doing great things for the Indian community.One look at his face will tell you that Punithan or 'Puritan' Shan is another MICputra who benefited from his ass wiping in MIC. Watch out for this guy as he is trying to split the Indian support for Pakatan Rakyat by hijacking the Hindraf struggle.
In the end of the day, this Scribe has only this to say to Punithan and all the other BN/Umno slime balls:
在这个鬼魂月,我们将看BN/Umno政权的秋天。 Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim在Permatang Pauh将上升象菲尼斯在被征服的BN/Umno政权并且带领Pakatan Rakyat到Putrajaya! "


Who are practising the vulgarity now ? Who taught the 'pariah' word ? Why look down at Indians ? What are the reaction from other bloggers ? Are they only going to voice out if the victim is non-MIC ? Rather than looking at the perspective of PKR Indians, DAP Indians, BN Indians, Hindraf Indians..... just remove all the tittle carrying Indians there ... and just be an Indian... Lets Unite....


**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...

It’s very easy to condemn anyone in blogosphere. Behind a hidden nick, words are published without bothering the consequences. We should never bother about these ignorant.

Punithan expressed his support via his personal blog, accept it or leave it, n if u want to comment, there r proper methods. One should applaud him n not discourage.

Keep up the good work mate.

Akiko said...

I checked out this Blog but I have the impression that it is either more than one invidual who is doing postings in this Blog or this blogger has multiple personalities. I don't even know whether this scribe is a he or a she. Best not to highlight this blogger(s) because you will only make him/her/them more popular.

poobalan said...

i agree with akiko. no point talking about this person because it will create more interest in the blog. if the person had any problem, should have written with more respect, bearing in mind people from all walks of life may read the posting.

those who commented on his blog have voiced their unhappiness.

ilovemalaysia said...

This is totally ridiculous...

we talking about racist teacher.... and what is this all about?

an fellow indian calling another "pariah". published in a famous high rated blog with pictures.

And the reason for doing so..... very lame.... just because he post about mic.

we talking about malaysian unity...and ppl like margeemar is tarnishing PR's good afford.

remember we are malaysians!!!!

S.Yogendran said...

I agree with akiko and poobalan. We don't want to make 'this scribe' popular for all the wrong reasons. We definately are more ethical bloggers.

Hats off to Punithan Shan in his efforts!