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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Temuduga Terbuka Untuk Jawatan Konstabel Lelaki PDRM

Sila Rujuk Laman Web :

Sila Hubungi T.M.Selvam, Pegawai Penerangan Pergerakan Pemuda MIC untuk keterangan lanjut.


sri said...

good job...keep on posting i'll try to get the word on the street!!

TheFireWithin said...

Thanks for the post. Informative. But just wondering if the interviews for inspectors and upwards would be as well publicised as for constables. Another thing, is that even if our Indians boys were to apply all sorts of reason would be given to deny them a chance to serve. The forces at Bukit Aman, just want to satisfy us by calling for these temudugas and all. No extra done to ensure more Indians get into the force. Even if they are selected, our kind get posted to unforsaken place. But anyway, just try to get in first.