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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Current Issues - BN
  • High fuel and comodity price
  • Racist Teacher
  • ISA including Hindraf 5
  • Internal party conflicts
  • Other general issues

Current Issues - PAKATAN RAKYAT

  • PKR MP Zulkifli and PAS MP's involvement against Bar Council (religion conversion forum)
  • PAS - UMNO muzakarah
  • DSAI's sodomy case
  • PKR supporters violance & brutal action towards media person
  • PKR and Malays - UiTM for non-bumi
  • Penang Malays and their disatisfaction on Penang's DAP government
  • Perak PKR Assemblymen caught for corruption
  • PAS wants their leader to become PM

Some Points ....

  • BN's candidate is local man. Spending most of his time in Permatang Pauh. Friendly and helpful. PKR's candidate also a local man but most of the time out of Permatang Pauh. Excellent speaker and ambitious.
  • DAP's Prof.Dr.Ramasamy said, he represents all races. MIC said, it represents the Indian community. During 12th GE campaign, most of the Pakatan Rakyat's Indian candidate did campaign using HINDRAF mask which touched Indian's sentiment. MIC... before election and even after lost in election it still has interest in Indians. The point is, when your are saying want to practice no-race based politic, kindly do not campaign using a race interest. Campaign for Malaysian Agenda, dont talk about race but talk about Malaysian. Can the Pakatan Rakyat's Indian MPs and Assemblymen give an assurance that if PR lead this country, will DSAI fulfill the HINDRAF's all demand ? One of the demand is Equal Opportunity which touched Bumiputra/Malay's Special Privilage. Indians shall not get influenced by the promise of DSAI of releasing HINDRAF 5. What are the Indians need ? By releasing HINDRAF 5 only will solve thousand of Indian's issues and achive HINDRAF's mission and goal? Whether you know or not, HINDRAF 5 are not life prisoners, they will be released after few years. Let DSAI give a promise and written statement that HE WILL FULFILL ALL HINDRAF's DEMAND (particularly Malays Special Privilage) FOR THE BETTERMENT OF INDIANS .

Issues are Issues..... but let the Permatang Pauh's voters decide.... it is their prerogative to choose the MP... ;) God Bless...

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PadmaKing said...

Good update of the current scenario bro